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courage + love for the wholehearted military life

I’m going to tell you some stories and you’ll see- ┬ábelonging and grit and the goodness of God really do connect to the hard + good life.

Some things I want you to know:

you are married to the brave ones, but you are courageous, too /// you can do this, but you can do it better together /// you can wholeheartedly live from joy rather than fear because:

Love makes you brave.

I'm all about living a wholehearted military life. Join the community and I'll send you a little love note each month with ways you can do the same.

Because even the hard life can be the good life

Everything I do here is to point out love and show the abundant life within your own actual life. Spoiler: The good life is usually found right where you're not looking. Come learn more