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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here

My name is Sarah and I want to tell you how loved you are. You need to know this. So please- there is room for you here, stay awhile. I'm a mama to three girls + married to my college sweetheart, a soldier's wife, writer, mountain lover, and coffee drinker. I'm all about seeking the way of grace and how it helps us all become more deeply who we are. I'm going to tell my truth about authentically, faithfully living + about being a mama + about being a wife all in the hopes that it helps you tell yours and we all more deeply know the goodness of God.

I'm all about walking in the way of grace. Join the community and I'll send you a little love note each month with ways you can do the same.

All marriages need extra love now and then, too

Instead of disconnection, discontent, and resentment, marriage can be a source of joy, connection, and adventure. I'll show you how. Come learn more